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Butterfly Lavender Skin Remedy

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Ingredients List:

Butterfly Pea Tea

Lavender Flower

Green Tea Kombucha


Butterfly Pea Flower Benefits: 

Lavender Flower Benefits:

Green Tea Kombucha Benefits:

Kombucha is a natural occurring concentration of probiotics, vitamin C, B vitamins, & antioxidants! A host of microbial ecosystems reside in our skin that actually promotes skin health! Kombucha probiotics acts as a “Good Samaritan” in our GUTS!

  •  It hydrates the skin’s elasticity too improves drastically, reducing fine lines & signs of aging in the process!
  • It exfoliates & detoxifies the skin! 
  • It improves skin tone! It contains antiseptic qualities & natural acids which can balance the skin’s pH levels for a clearer complexion