We are dedicated to making you healthier

People ask me, why so many flavors? Well a healthy diet doesn’t come from one source of nutrition! Not only is our kombucha made in small batches, never pasteurized, and made with all organic ingredients, but we make sure to put every type of superfood into our collection! Get your antioxidants from a dragon fruit, pomegranate, hibiscus or get your anti-inflammatory from turmeric, baobab, echinacea.

Super Immune Elixirs
  • 1 liter gift bottles

    Our 1 Liter Super Immune Elixirs come in these amazing bottles and are full of amazing superfoods!

    Give them as a gift or treat yourself this holiday season.

  • 750 ml

    Our variety of flavors won’t leave you disappointed! We have something for everybody. Our blueberry hibiscus ginger will bring you back to those summer days.